The locals' favourite evening stroll

This is our preferred 'no thinking' walk. When you just need to get outdoors and remind yourself of the amazing countryside around where we live. And there have been many occasions when we've bumped into neighbours doing exactly the same walk.

It's a bit less than 2km, so will take about 30 minutes, depending on how much you stop to pick blackberries, listen for owls or watch the tractors. It's a rectangular circuit, taking you around the field that you can see out of the front of Tibberton Cottage, up the hill to the church, and back along the road. You can obviously do the walk in either direction, but for first-timers the navigation is marginally easier if you go anti-clockwise.

Turn left out of the driveway and head up the road. After 7 houses, turn left along a farm track. Follow this past the first field until you reach the track crossroads. Take another left, heading uphill. As the path starts to ascend, if you look to the left you can see the white building of Tibberton Cottage with the array of solar panels on the roof. You'll continue straight along the track and eventually reach a road. If you like, take a quick detour at this point to the right, to the church and/or to the play area. Otherwise, take a left down the hill, followed by another left at the 'T' junction at the bottom of the hill and after about 500m you'll find yourself back at Tibberton Cottage.

We think it's a really enjoyable and simple walk. Why not do it in reverse tomorrow?


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