Painswick Beacon

Today we enjoyed an afternoon stroll around Painswick Beacon. There were excellent views of Gloucester, May Hill and the Malverns from the trig point at the top, lots of small winding paths, mounds and dips ideal for little people to run up and down, and plenty of space to stay far apart from others, despite it being a busy Sunday afternoon.

We parked at Painswick Beacon Car Park, which is best described as a series of off road gravel areas you can park next to the road. Free, but not loads of space, and we were fortunate to find somewhere to park. It's 25-30 minutes from the cottage.
We walked uphill along the road to where the golf course meets the road, turned left and basically walked around the edge of the golf course in a clockwise direction, including a climb up some steps to the trig point. Whilst we only walked about 4km, it did take us over 2 hours due to plentiful stops.


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