Cycling from Cannop Ponds to Parkend

Continuing our exploration of all the cycle trails in the Forest of Dean, we returned to Cannop Ponds, but this time to head south to Coleford via Parkend. It's mostly dismantled railway, so we were expecting a reasonably straightforward ride for our pedalling boy.
The ride out of Cannop is easy and very slightly downhill. After crossing the road, the trail became more puddle-ridden but very cyclable into Parkend. And then the difficulty started. It turns out the ride to Coleford is distinctly uphill, and on a more tricky gravelly path too. So we turned round, stopped at Parkend bike café for refreshments and a play next to their seating area opposite, and then returned to our car. All in, about 11km, but harder and therefore less enjoyable than the family cycle trail.
If you bring bikes when you come to stay at Tibberton Cottage, then we can provide access to a store where you can lock them up securely.


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